Cryptex 4.0 with Retina/HighDPI support

behind the scene - high-resolution, css based images using media queries

The Story No scrapers. No harvesters. No spambots. That’s our goal. A several years ago, i’ve released the first version of the Crypex Plugin to protect E-Mail-Addresses on WordPress based websites. It works great but currently many mobile devices like tablets, smartphones are using high-dpi displays which results in blurred E-Mail-Addresses. Therefore i’ve create a […]

GitHub “Star”-gazer Buttons with MooTools/jQuery/PHP

No iFrames required - just pure javascript/php

Show your Love to GitHub GitHubButtons is a fork of the famous github-buttons from @mdo using the original styles with a complete new javascript part based on MooTools/jQuery without the need of iframes. It’s targeted on MooTools/jQuery/PHP-Users which are already using various stuff on their pages – all other users should use the original iframe […]

Howto: Content Navigation/Menu with WordPress

automatically generated navigation including anchors

State of the Art There are a several ways how to deal with large content. The most common used method is to split the content in multiple pages, but this completely destroys the usability on tablets, big screens or other mobile devices and frustate your users. Furthermore, each sub-page causes an additional http-request and extra […]

Fixed Scroll Navigation with MooTools

sticky navigation bar that remains fixed on scrolling

The Goal Currently a very popular and often used technique wich provides a great usability. There are a several jQuery plugins and code-snippets available which are providing this feature but they are sometimes very complex and didn’t work with MooTools based websites. This tutorial shows you how to create a sticky navigation bar that remains […]

Enlighter WordPress Plugin v2.0 release

EnlighterJS Advanced Javascript based post syntax highlighting

Version 2.0 Released I am proudly to announce the immediate availbility of Enlighter v2.0. Including EnlighterJS 2.1 with support for Inline-Syntax-Highlighting!  About the Plugin Enlighter is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting tool for WordPress. It’s build in PHP and uses the MooTools(Javascript) based EnlighterJS to provide a beautiful code-appearance. Using it can be as simple […]

LightUp – PHP Markdown Renderer released

Markdown Parser inspired by GitHub flavored markdown (GFM)

Features Written in PHP (Version > 5.3 required) Ultra small footprint – only 3 files required, each of them with less than 450 lines of well documented code (linewise comments) Extensible – you need some special features ? Full support for GitHub flavored markdown (excluding tables) Supports various syntax highlighting variants (use the highlighter of […]

Zanmantou3 Development Discontinued

zanmantou web av player, zanmantou wordpress plugin, zanmantou jsapi

Development Discontinued I am very sorry to announce, that the development of Zanmantou3, including the WordPress Plugin is discontinued. But in case of the upcomming HTML5 standard and the obvious fact of discontinuing Flash on Linux and mobile devices on the part of Adobe there is no right to exist or better to say necessity […]

Easily Update Owncloud with PHP Scripting

update your owncloud installation with only one command

Owncloud You like owncloud ? But updating realy sucks..there ist no automatic update function and typing 10 lines into your shell takes to much time. So here is the simple. 1 command solution! Usage Just execute the following command via ssh (you get the packeage url directly from Syntax: owncloud_update.php <package_url.tar.bz2> Example:php owncloud_update.php […]

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet – Broken Power Button [UPDATE]

pcb assembly failure, low reflow temperature

Death Android Tablet.. Today, on my way home, i would like to read some stuff on my Lenovo Thinpad Tablet 32GB – but.. i can’t turn it on. The power-button/switch doesn’t gave any haptical feedback. So what’s going on ? I very like the robustness of the tablet and of costs around 600€ half […]

XBox 360 Rapidfire Traceability Analysis

RapidFire Controller Signal Analysis, "Secure" Rapidfire Mods

Big Brother is watching you! Did you know, that a standard RapidFire controller mod is fully traceable by the game software ? No ? But it is true.. The trigger-signal-waveform can be analyzed as well as the statistical distribution of the trigger-down-time. In this post i will explain how it’s traceable and show you the […]


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